SIMAGIC Alpha Base Package(INSTOCK)

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The Simagic Alpha is the top-spec direct-drive wheel base of Simagic. Thanks to its 15Nm of torque, delivered by a servomotor, it is able to play with the big names from the simracing community. Just like the Simagic M10, the Alpha wheelbase is equipped with a quick-release unit in the box. This means you can use any steering wheel with a 50mm holes pattern in combination with the M10 wheelbase. The Simagic products are compatible with all the popular PC-games, such as F1 2019 , Assetto Corsa, Dirt Rally, rFactor, iRacing etc.

Technical Specs For Alpha Motor :-

-Maximum torque: 15Nm-Super Torque & Highly Realistic Race Feel
-1 ms Super Quick Response
-15 cm length-Ultra compact and Strong
-3 CPU Tri-core acceleration Smart Base
-Aluminium housing
-3-phase servo motor, designed by Simagic
-PC-only (so no PS4 or Xbox One)
-Refresh rate: 1.000 Hz for buttons, 40.000 Hz for force-feedback
-Standard Warranty-12 months