Warranty of the products


  • SIMAGIC products are covered by the original 1-year warranty policy from the date of original purchase.
  • SIMAGIC will never cover the costs associated with the installation/labor of the installer unless recommended/approved by SIMAGIC.
  • Non-manufacturing faults (negligence, improper installation, misuse or incorrect service) and consumables are not covered by any warranty.
  • If a defect not caused by a manufacturing defect is found during our technical support inspection, the purchaser will be required to pay the cost of repair/inspection as well as shipping costs in both directions before the product is returned.
  • Note: The warranty of the purchased product is transferable to other subjects, provided that 1) Please send a copy of the purchase invoice and all information about the new buyer to sales@simracingpros.com 2) Please purchase from the website https://simracingpros.com, otherwise the warranty is not transferable.