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SR8 features an 80mm aluminum profile base, serving as our mid-range chassis, providing reliable support due to its robust matte black surface material.

This chassis is exceptionally sturdy, remaining 100% unwavering, and can support any type of belt-driven or direct-drive power base. The pedal adjustments and base bracket angle can be easily customized to meet your needs. Additionally, the height-adjustable wheelbase allows you to craft a personalized optimal racing position.

The chassis dimensions are as follows: Length: 50 inches, Width: 27 inches, Height: 27 inches, Weight: 68 pounds. All steel components, such as the wheel mounting plate, pedals, or trays, are finished with a textured Matte Black finish.

It includes a shifter and handbrake mount with an adjustable angle.

Compatible Wheel Bases:

Logitech products
Simagic Alpha Ultimate, Alpha, and Alpha Mini
Fanatec Clubsport Wheels
Fanatec Elite wheel series
Fanatec Podium DD wheels DD1, DD2, CSL DD
Moza Racing R5, R9, R16, and R21
VRS DirectForce Pro
Thrustmaster products

Compatible Pedals:

Moza Racing

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