SIMAGIC M10 DDW Base Package

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Time for Direct Drive Revolution

The Elite class of virtual racing Simulator Real instant feedback
System available 

Would you like to take your race simulation to the next level? Simply connect your wheel to our simagic m10 DDW and enjoy the essence of sim racing. Fast response direct drive motor with real-live force feedback simulation. 

Simgaic m10 DDW as our entry level sim racing wheel base, has a wide range of torque to best fit our customers. 

The highest force required is usually when you hit the curbs or at the bottom of this hill. 

6-8 Nm is what usual people found enough for sim racing, the remaining 2-4 Nm is used to minimize the force feedback clipping, reflect sudden change for force feedback. 

Professional race drivers were invited during the design process. Iterations were made to best simulate the real racing. To unleash the full capability of the stepper motor, M10 uses three CPUs to process signals. The result is astonishing. Ultimate refresh rate and update rate are achieved thanks to the Tri-CPU structure. 1000 Hz refresh rate for USB communication, 40000 Hz update rate for force feedback controls. 


Technical Specs :

Finishing - CNC aluminum housing with an anodizing surface, carbon fiber panels for front and back covers

Motor - Three phase stepper motor optimized for sim racing uses

Max Toque - 10 Nm

Power Requirement - 100-220V AC, 50/60Hz (Use adapter comes standard with the device only)

Platform - PC only, supports all major PC games like F1 2019, Dirt Rally, Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2 etc.

Connection - USB-B for connection to PC, Plug and Play, Reset button available for quick reset

Software -  Race Manager

Location Sensor - 16385 Pulses per revolution

Refresh Rate - 1000 Hz for in-game data communication, 40000 Hz for force feedback control

Standard Warranty - 12 months


Extended warranty

Shipping cost not included and customer has pay for it to dispatch to their shop if necessary. 

Coverage more on electronic and mechanical parts not on wear and tear parts like leather grips, paint works, scratches etc